gboard dog scooter Yf 20 per il mushing

Dog scooter Yf 20

The GreenBoard Dog scooter Yf 20 is a sports scooter for mushing suitable for any type of terrain. It’s the perfect vehicle for workout with dogs.

From 769,00 € plus VAT

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With Gboard you can customize the GreenBoard Dog scooter Yf 20 components, such as the frame colours available in green, white, black, orange and blue, which can be combined with wooden footrests, mudguards and heel guard. You will be able to create many colour combinations to make your GreenBoard unique. If you want a particular colour or unique graphics, you can customize the scooter at the purchase time and together we will create the right one for you.

Specification Dog scooter Yf 20:


  • Length 1.690 mm;
  • Height  min/max: 970/1070 mm;
  • Weight 18 kg;
  • ground clearance 90 mm;
  • Fat front and rear wheel 4”x20″.


  • Chrome steel frame covered by 5 years warranty, maximum load 150 kg;
  • Original square-shaped chrome steel rigid fork; axle quick release, hub 135 mm;
  • Front and rear mechanical discs brake –rotor 160 mm; on request hydraulic brakes, 180 mm rotor and speed lock;
  • Aluminium alloy Bar,  width 600 mm, available different shapes and colours;
  • Lightened front and rear rims fat 4”; 32 spokes of 2 mm and 4”x 20” tyre with EPS technology;
  • wood mudguards;
  • antenna.