GreenBoard Golf e-kick scooter

Golf e-kick scooter: Born 4 the Green


golfer who hits a ball beyond the GreenBoard golf edition

Since 2015 GBOARD’s commitment is to innovate the mobility sector. From the Dolomites of South Tyrol in Italy, we lovingly crafted the GreenBoard: a mountain and city kick scooters to fully enjoy outdoor activities with family and friends. Now, we offer you to surf with the GreenBoard Golf Edition the golf courses so advancing the new frontier for the golfing transportation.

Passion and Creativity, Design, Technology and Innovation are the drivers also for the GreenBoard Golf edition. Any GreenBoard is carefully built by experienced Italian craftsmen. It’s unique and personalization opportunity is truly unlimited. Smart technology is embedded on the GreenBoard and so, through the GreenBoard App, you can manage all motor settings and much more.

The GreenBoard is an advanced kick-scooter to enjoy outdoor activities. It relaxes you and let you be focused on your game giving you a total freedom of movement: GreenBoard Golf Edition is your game plus: even more pleasure in the pleasure to play golf!

It has a very low impact on the golf course, saves room in the deposit and practically it hasn’t maintenance.

Simply step up and enjoy our innovative anatomic saddle and start giving a small kick. Your GreenBoard will recognize it and starts boosting. You can easily personalize motor’s settings establishing your preferred speed, kick latency and power. It is so intuitive that you are immediately ready for the first tee!

There is also the throttle model with a 250W or 500W brushless motor, geared.

Our mission is to deliver product excellence for golfing. The aim of GBOARD is to attract all golfers which enjoys new open air mobility solutions. Our team is composed by experienced craftsmen, designers, mechanical, electronic and computer science engineer and golf industry professional to deliver you the golfing mobility game changing solution: the GreenBoard.

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