Move Green, Move Fast with our Kick scooters

greenboard sport kick scooter. Monet sky

At GBoard we design our kick scooters for an everyday and everywhere purpose. GreenBoard scooters stand for an innovative way of transportation. We carry out kick scooters for various outdoor sports such as enduro, cross, dog scootering and golf.

Our e-kick electrically assisted scooters offer an alternative mobility solution for commuting in the city, golfing or hiking in the mountains allowing you to cover the “last-mile” of any journey.

Communing scooter greenboard made in italy

golfer and Greenboard golf edition scooter

greenboard downhill scooter

From our love for outdoor sports, especially mountain activities, came an idea; we’ve built these sport scooters initially to have fun with our friends and families, but then we’ve understood that we’re creating a new era of alternative mobility which is both beneficial & entertaining: that’s how GreenBoard was born.

Who are the GBoarders

The GreenBoard footbike is meant for anyone who loves nature, sports and wants to be in a good shape.

With our scooters, children, adults and the elderly, are able to move naturally from the start, in the city or in the mountain, due to GreenBoard’s instinctive driving. With 2 wheel scooter you can explore the world with different eyes!

GreenBoard is an original way of transportation, a travel companion and a new way to do fitness. Moving around with this vehicle, makes you stand out from the crowd and will reduce your emission to zero.

Where to use it

You can use the GreenBoard Kick scooter and the electrical version wherever you want. We’ve created different types of scooters to fit each need: from commuting to hiking and golfing. When we’ve made the Golf Edition we’ve also thought of the fairway ensuring a smooth journey without ruining the course.

Lastly, there is a GreenBoard app (yes, we’ve thought of that, too): a useful tool to better control the scooter. You can record your workout, transfer journeys and share adventures with other gboarders.

GreenBoard is more than just a kick scooter.
Get in touch to find out all the features to fully enjoy your GreenBoard!