GreenBoard: Move green, Move fast with Gboard scooters

Electric scooters and kick scooters

GreenBoard stand for an innovative way of transportation. We design and realise electric scooter and push scooter.

So far there are available the following customisable adult scooters: the X Series, the Young series, the Golf Edition and the Limited Edition.

Each of these has their own specific characteristics and fulfill all your wildest outdoor requirements.

The X Series

The GreenBoard X series are extremely efficient. These Adult Kick Scooters are custom-made for both extreme mountain sports and group hiking.
The X series is very flexible, available in a wide range of colors with accessories and options for your journey.
Series models: X 27r, Xf 26, X 3s and their corresponding electric versions.

The Young Series

The Young Series are unique, allowing you to add details and colors of your liking.
They are excellent for both commuting and outdoor activities.

Series models: Yf 20 and the electric scooter eYf 20. Now is available the Young Marine for harbour and marina too.

Golf Edition 

With an easy maintenance and low impact on the fairway, The GreenBoard Golf Edition is the finest invention for golf lovers and most definitely for golf clubs. There are: the e-kick electrically assisted and the throttle version.

Series models: push scooter Yf 20 runner  and the electric version Yf 20 Gold and Platinum, both 250 watt and 500 watt.

Now available Integra 750 2WD scooter.

Limited Edition

The GreenBoard Limited Edition embraces multi-activity!
Mountain rides, gravity and even dog scootering. It allows you to be creative.

Series models: LEr and LEs.

Finally, Greenboard means Innovation, technology and design. We’ve created the best adult scooters ever!